DPVA HQ has been hard at work integrating with our Statewide campaigns, holding successful trainings, and planning a host of events all across the commonwealth.

A note from the Chairwoman, Virginia Democrats unify post-primary, & the 2021 Blue Commonwealth Gala was announced!

A note from the Chairwoman

The “Where Trump leads, Glenn follows” tour kicks off, A note from the Voter Protection Director, VADEMS holds trainings, & the staff takes a trip through Southwest Virginia.

Our Communications Team kicked off their “Where Trump Leads, Glenn Follows” tour

A note from Ja’Scotta Jefferson, VADEMS Voter Protection Director

From Abingdon to Arlington and everywhere in between

We announced a series of debates across Virginia with the Democratic candidates for statewide office

We launched the Virginia Turnout Project

DPVA is hosting Candidate Trainings

We Are The Blue Commonwealth.

Ending 2020 on a high note

Democratic Party of VA

Official Medium account of the Democratic Party of Virginia.

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