Demo Memo: First General Assembly bills are released, new committee selections, a recount in Virginia Beach and more

Virginia Democrats out of the gate quickly with bills for next year: ERA, gun control, voting access

RICHMOND — Democratic lawmakers rushed to file bills Monday as the legislative window opened for next year’s General Assembly session, setting out voting rights, gun control, LGBTQ protections and the Equal Rights Amendment as priorities for their newfound power in the majority.

It was bad timing for Republican leaders, who traveled to Richmond Monday to officially shut down the special legislative session on gun control that they had cut short over the summer. As the state’s docket began filling with Democratic proposals, Republican leaders presided over the floor of the Senate and House of Delegates for probably the last time before their rivals take over.

State Sen. Jennifer L. McClellan (D-Richmond) submitted her first legislation moments after filing season opened at midnight, putting passage of the ERA at the symbolic head of the list for that chamber.

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Three members of Va. black caucus named as new House committee chairs

Three members of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus were named as House committee chairs for next year.

House Speaker-designee Eileen Filler-Corn, D-Fairfax, announced in a news release Thursday that she’s naming Del. Luke Torian, D-Prince William, as chair of the Appropriations Committee; Del. Jeion Ward, D-Hampton, as chair of the Commerce and Labor Committee; and Del. Roslyn Tyler, D-Sussex, as chair of the Education Committee.

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Virginia Democrats’ top bill would create 45 days of early voting — by another name

Virginia Democrats showed this week that making it easier for people to vote will be one of their top priorities once they take over the General Assembly in January.

Claiming the №1 spot as lawmakers began filing bills for next year on Monday, Del. Charniele Herring, D-Alexandria — who will soon become majority leader — filed House Bill 1, a no-excuses absentee voting bill.

That would effectively introduce early voting in the state, though by another name. Thirty-nine other states and the District of Columbia already offer some form of early voting, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

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Down by 27 votes, Del. Chris Stolle of Virginia Beach will ask for a recount

A state delegate who lost his seat by 27 votes will ask for a recount.

Del. Chris Stolle, R-Virginia Beach, made the announcement Monday after his loss to Democrat Nancy Guy became official. The state Board of Elections certified all the votes cast Nov. 5 at a meeting Monday, and Stolle will have 10 days to file a petition for a recount with the Virginia Beach Circuit Court.

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Delegate John McGuire abandons constituents days after re-election to run for Congress

RICHMOND, VA. — The Republican Party primary in Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District now includes Delegate-ish John McGuire, who today officially confirmed his hyper-partisan 23 months in the Virginia General Assembly were simply a springboard to a campaign for higher office.

McGuire, who ran for the House of Delegates this year admitting he didn’t care much about actually serving a full term, is eager to depart his current job just days after winning his first re-election. McGuire’s claims to fame during his pre-Congressional campaign time as a Delegate have been renting a house in order to run in the 56th district (earning him the nickname “No Show” John McGuire), flip flopping and opposing the Equal Rights Amendment when he realized it would hurt him in a Republican primary for higher office, voting against Medicaid Expansion even when other Republicans like Kirk Cox voted for it, and taking part in a secret, closed-door NRA strategy session in advance of the July 9th Special Session where Republicans cut and run after 90 minutes without debate.

“John McGuire doesn’t care about representing his constituents because his mind has been on running for Congress ever since Dave Brat lost his seat,” said DPVA Press Secretary Grant Fox. “No Show John McGuire has used his time as a ‘Delegate’ to cozy up to the NRA, oppose equality for women, and vote against Medicaid Expansion even when many of his Republican colleagues supported it. Residents of the 7th Congressional District got rid of their no-show Congressman last year. Why would they elect another one who won’t even bother to show up for his current constituents?”

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