Election Day is right around the corner, President Obama, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden & Stacey Abrams, the McAuliffemobile, and Yard signs!

Last week was pretty big, folks:

Terry went on Morning Joe and made a huge announcement:

That’s right — President Obama is coming to Richmond

On October 23rd to Get Out The Vote for Virginia Democrats! Register for tickets here: terrymcauliffe.com/obama

The First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden was in Henrico on Friday

Stacey Abrams was in Norfolk for a Souls to the Polls rally and in Fairfax for a Get Out The Vote rally

Sunday Voting in Brunswick

Chairwoman Susan Swecker and our Executive Director, Andrew Whitley, took a trip to Brunswick for their historic first-ever day of Sunday voting

Early Vote Update

Here’s a snapshot of where the voting stands as of Sunday

Total number of votes: 406,580
Number of In-Person Early Voters: 258,346
Number of Mail-In Ballots: 148,234

Yard Signs

Our Deputy Political Director, Jack Foley, has been blanketing the commonwealth delivering yard signs, putting up barn signs, and showing off the McAuliffemobile every day!

If you need a yard sign — email yardsigns@vademocrats.org and we’ll get you info on where to pick one up!

Volunteer during the final stretch




Official Medium account of the Democratic Party of Virginia.

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Democratic Party of VA

Democratic Party of VA

Official Medium account of the Democratic Party of Virginia.

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